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This is the worst week…

My mom kicked my dad out for cheating on her, then let him come back, she got angry about it and threw me out while between apartments so I’m living in a friend garage until my apartment is ready and THEN they fucked me over on our shared phone plan and I have to figure out how to pay for their mistake. 

Last night my dad texted me on accident instead of what is apparently his lover. He said baby doll in it. I got physically ill. He’s never called my mother (his wife, if not for much longer) or his three daughters that.

How do you even look at a person who says ” no, you and I were talking. That was meant for you.” I’m not an idiot….I know it wasn’t for me…so what level of denial is he at?

Is there a word for being disgusted and confused?

Sitting at the bar alone and checking out every single person in there. Then he walked in. Beautiful hair, amazing mustache that I’d hate on anyone else. Well dressed with classy suspenders. Everyone looked at him. Everyone. But that sweet, relaxed beauty came straight to me. The most beautiful man in the bar. In any bar. And he’s mine.

I adore my fiancé.

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